Parlor Coffee Mug Club


Coffee is a social community. Whether you’re grabbing lattes with friends for a catch-up, traveling to Parlor for morning drinks with your college pals, or even just making new acquaintances during a coffee work session, coffee facilitates social interaction. Drinking coffee with a stranger is like breaking bread with them. We hope to think that we all connect over the liquid.


“For us, it's much more about the program and the community than the financial gain,” says Jason Panyard, Co-Owner of Parlor Public House. “[Financially], it’s small potatoes in the scheme of things, so it's just fun to have something for loyal customers and regulars that want to help us with the environment."

With a good coffee mug club, we hope that folks will continue to tell other people about who we are and our mission to build a larger coffee community in Indianapolis and to help the environment with every one of our mugs being re-used!